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Welcome to the first month of summer.

The summer has finely arrived and not only on the calendar but the summer weather has arrived as well.
The forecast for this summer is an ordinary Danish summer, wish means 18-25 degrees and a mixture of sunny and rainy days. So if you go shopping for a new wardrobe it should properly be bikini and pink gum boots.
The best summer month this year should be June, but you better wait a couple of weeks jumping into the water, it will take a little longer to heat up, the current water temperature is 10-13 degrees.

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The world’s longest catwalk will be lined up in Copenhagen during the fashion week this summer.
From Copenhagen Town Square (Raadhuspladsen) to The Kings New Square ( Kongens Nytorv) , the longest shopping mall in the world (1.3Km) will be converted into a catwalk and they estimate that between 200 and 250 models will anticipate, we will keep you up to date when we get more information.

Hotel Booking.

<>, our website now has links so you can do your hotel booking worldwide online on our site and at very compatible prices as well, so try us out. Or try Hotel Booking at denmark-getaway.
A currency converter is also available for your convince, just go to Currency Converter.

Travel Insurance, don't leave home without it!

<> having the right travel insurance policy in place is more important now than ever.
In an ideal world, there would be no hurricanes or floods, no swindlers, thieves and terrorist attacks and no illness. No luggage would go missing and trains and planes would arrive and depart on time.
These things can and do occur, so for peace of mind, don't leave home without your travel insurance.

Your spend a lot of money on travel and accommodation on a holiday, so you don't want extra bills for unexpected cost associated with injury, illness or lost goods. So for that reason travel insurance should be part of your budget when planning your holiday. And remember to check the fine print when taking out your insurance.

Other Destinations.

www.denmark-getaway.com does not only cover Denmark, we have pages dedicated to links to other holiday destinations if you prefer something different.
We offer you links to Asia, Africa., Australia, Europe, North America, Central America, Mexico and The Caribbean and South America as well. Have a look and enjoy your holiday.

The Little Mermaid is still not to be seen at its spot in Copenhagen for the rest of the year. She has been send to China for 8 months for the World EXPO 2010 and will not be back before the end of the year.

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