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    Of the over 400 islands in Denmark, tell us about your favourite island and why it is so lovely?

    We all need to eat when on holiday, what is your favourite food when on holiday in Denmark?

    Have you got a favourite restaurant or café when on holiday in Denmark? Tell us and our readers about it here.

    What do you enjoy the most when in Denmark on holidays, is it the beaches, the people or maybe a little quiet costal town?

    If you are going on holiday somewhere else than Denmark, what is your favourite holiday destination?

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One of the greatest holidays :D 
I went to Denmark last year, and we decided to visit some family on Bornholm. It was great! Bornholm is such a quiet, adventurous and kind island. There …

Bakken DK Not rated yet
You only go to Tivoli in Copenhagen once. The place to go for good Danish food, cold beer and real Danish culture is Bakken. It is a fun park on the …

Visit Denmark Legoland! Not rated yet
In case you have kids you know how nice they play with Lego bricks, building houses, monsters, cities etc. Well, if you plan to visit Denmark, Legoland …

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