The Four Seasons And
The Weather In Denmark.

The weather in Denmark can be a bit unpredictable, but as they say, there is nothing wrong with the weather, it is the clothes that you are wearing that there might something wrong with.

Denmark is placed in the temperate zone and you will experience four lovely seasons in Denmark, all with its own charm and wonderful sceneries of the nature.

The season of spring.

Coming out of the dark months of winter, spring is the start of something new.
The air is getting warmer and so is the ground, this is a real nice time of the year.
People get busy in the garden and around their holiday homes and the birds are busy building their nests.

When the beech tree comes into leaf that is when the spring really has arrived, and the weather in Denmark can be real nice this time of the year.

The mornings can be cold but during the day an average temperature of 8-16°C. is common.
Average sunlight hours during spring are: March 4 hours, April 5 hours and May 8 hours.
Days with more than 0.25mm rain in the springtime comes usually 11-12 days each month.

Danish Wild flowers

The Danish Summer.

The Weather in Denmark during summer is beautiful, especially with daylight savings.
The sun rises at 4 o'clock in the morning and doesn't set before 10.30 at night.
Plenty of time for a stroll at the beach before you start up the grill and cook the dinner for the night.

Everything is green and blooming, there are wildflowers all over the place.

During the summer months, June, July and August the average day temperature is 19 to 22°C. but on a good summers day you will see the temperature rise to the high twenties.
The temperature during the night sits around 12-15°C.

The average amount of Sunlight hours a day during the summer time, is 8 hours and days with more than 0.25mm of rain occurs about 13 days every month.

Evening walk at the beach.

Autumn in Denmark.

The beautiful colours of autumn. This is a very colourful time of the year, in Denmark.
The leaves fall off nearly all the trees and bushes. The leaves change their colours from green to orange, yellow, red, then brown before falling to the ground.
Even this time of the year, September to November, the days can be beautiful with temperatures in the low twenties.

The average day temperature for autumn is 8-18°C. During the night you can expect 4-11°C. .
The average amount of sunlight hours in the months of Autumn are: September 5 hours, October 3 hours and November 1 hour and days with more than 0.25mm of rain occurs 16 days a month.

The Weather In Denmark During Winter.

Winter in Denmark.

The weather in Denmark is normally mild comparing to the other Scandinavian countries during winter, but now and again you get a pretty cold winter in Denmark with temperatures falling down to -25°C.

Nothing beats a white Christmas, but don't put your hopes up because the white Christmas doesn't happen every year.
Driving into a little town just after a snowfall is like looking at a postcard , the winter scenery can be very beautiful.

The snow also lights everything up a bit which is not a bad thing during the winter, because the sun doesn't rise before 9 o'clock in the morning and sunset is about 4 in the afternoon.

However most winters in Denmark are not particularly cold, an average temperature during the day is around 1-4°C, and at night time just around zero.

The average amount of sunlight hours in the months of winter is about 1 hour a day, and days with more than 0.25mm of rain occurs around 17 days a month for December and January, and for February it is 13 days.

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