Recreational holiday in Denmark.

Are you looking for a recreational holiday in Denmark?

Here are a few ideas whether you are looking for a sport like fishing, surfing, golf or being a volunteer for a day.

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Viking for a day.

How about being a Volunteer Viking for a day or a week at Ribe Viking Center.

More than 200 volunteers join the Ribe Viking Center every season, for more information see Ribe Viking Center


With over 7300 km of coastline, over 400 islands and a lot of inland streams and lakes you won’t have far to travel to find your ideal fishing spot.

For more information about angling in Denmark and license requirement see Fishing in Denmark.

At beach fishing.

Kite & Wind Surfing.

How about catching a wave at Cold Hawaii on the Jutland peninsula or somewhere else on the 7314 km of coastline you can find in Denmark.

For more information about surfing see Wind & Kite Surfing in Denmark.

Cycling Holidays.

A popular transport option in Denmark is cycling. You will be a lot closer to the nature and the country is ideal to explore on a bike.

The country offers more than 10,000 km of bike tracks and is pretty flat, the highest point you will find here is only 170 meters above sea level, no big mountains to claim.

If you are not use to riding a bike, start up by exploring some of the islands like Funen or Bornholm.

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Golf in Denmark.

Are you up for a game of golf, How about a game of golf in Denmark?

Denmark has over 170 golf courses, you will find that all the Golf courses in the country are of a good standard with some of the cheapest green fees in Europe.

For more information go to Golf In Denmark. 

See Here For Top Adventurous Things to do in Denmark.

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