Bicycle Holiday Tips.

Holiday and Safety Tips.

    If you are travelling with a lot of luggage on your bicycle holiday, maybe invest in a bicycle trailer to take some of the weight off your bike.
    Trailers are also available for infants or small children if you have a young family.

    Bring a first aid kit on your cycle holiday just in case, and some basic repair kit for the bike so you can fix a puncture, change a broken brake or gear cable or if a couple of bolts needs tightening, some cable ties in your repair kit can come in handy and don’t forget the air pump.

    Wear several layers of clothing so you can take some off if it gets too warm and wear good footwear like runners.

    It is a good idea to wear high visibility closing or reflectors if cycling when it is dark and make sure that the lights on the bike is working, both headlight and tail light.

    Fit a clip on your bike for a water bottle and drink plenty of water on your trip.

    If travelling with smaller kids, on your bicycle holiday, stop frequently to give them a break and a chance to stretch their legs.

    It is a good idea to fit a map holder to the handlebars and protect your map in a plastic folder.

    If you a travelling in a group a small portable CB for each is handy.

    Helmets are not compulsory in Denmark but if travelling with kids at least make sure that they are wearing a helmet.

    B & B are today widely available in Denmark, youth hostels (called Vandrehjem in Danish) are a good option or try on of the over 700 tent sites available in Denmark.

    Ask other cyclists you meet on your journey for tips regarding overnight accommodation in the local area or ask at the local tourist information.

    If you need a bit of a break but still want to move forward, put the bike on the train or bus.
    However on the Intercity train you will need to reserve a place between 1 of May – 31 of August.
    At the train stations have a look at the sign with departure it will tell you which trains carry bikes.

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