Vacation Rentals in Denmark.

Vacation Rentals is big business in Denmark. With a coastline of 8750 Km and 406 islands, even though only 97 of the islands are inhabited. The longest distance you will have to the coast in Denmark, is about 60 km no matter where you are in Denmark.

All along the coast you will find holiday houses for rent, from small 1-bedroom shacks to luxury vacation rentals with 4-5 bedrooms indoor pool and all the luxury you can dream about and many can be rented any time of the year.

Holiday Homes on the Danish West Coast.

There are more than 40.000 holiday homes to rent in Denmark and some of the popular locations include the west coast of Jutland, North Jutland, Fyn, Bornholm, and Zealand.

Most of these holiday homes are owned by mum and dad’s or families and rented out through Vacation Rentals companies, and the rental income will help pay off their mortgages on the holiday house.

Vacation Rentals companies look after the day-to-day rentals, cleaning, payments and exchanging of the new renters during the week.

Most vacation rentals are rented from Saturday to Saturday. That means that during the busy summer months there will be a lot of people traveling towards their vacation rentals and a lot of people going home every Saturday, on the change-over day.

However, a few vacation rentals are now available for 3 days or more, especially outside peak rental time.

Holiday Home on Zealand.

The peak for rentals is during the school holiday from the middle of June to the middle of August.

Most of the tourists you see along the Danish coast during the summer months are from Denmark, Germany, Holland, and Sweden.

Quite a few tourists rent the same holiday house year after year and some of them have been coming to Denmark for many years on their holiday vacation.

When you hire vacation rentals in Denmark:

# Be aware when you rent a holiday house that on top of the price for the rental you must add electricity, water consumption and other costs to your rental price. for the time you have occupied the holiday house, that can end up being a big bill if the holiday house has swimming pool or spa.

# The only thing you need to bring is your own bed linen (in some cases you may be able to rent bed linen) other than that the holiday homes are fully equipped.

# You are also likely to get a bill for final cleaning of the holiday house.

# Try to avoid renting during the Danish school holiday to save some money.

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