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The about me page will tell you a little about myself, my family and the reasons why I’m making this website.

Hi my name is Brian Dahl, I’m the person behind this website, denmark-getaway.com,

Me and my family.

Brian Dahl & Elsemarie Dahl.

I am born in Denmark and have been living in Denmark for more than 30 years, in towns like CopenhagenOdense,Haderslev, and Sonderborg.

Today I am living in Perth, Western Australia with my wife Elsemarie and our 3 kids Ronny, Nicole and Kylie.

As we still have a lot of family in Denmark we visit frequently, it was after a holiday back to Denmark that I decided to make the website denmark-getaway.com.

Coming back to Denmark as a tourist on holiday you see everything from another point of view than if you are living there, and we try to show our kids as much of the country as we can when we're on a holiday.

We do not only show them the normal holiday attractions like Legoland, The Little Mermaid or Tivoli in Copenhagen, we also take them to the old townships and old buildings around the country, visit some of the 400 beautiful islands like Bornholm and Als, and places our parents took us to when we were kids.

Why a website about Denmark?

On my website, I am telling you a little about me, Denmark, Danish attractions, Danish traditions, Danish food and give you a couple of Danish recipes.

Yes I like the Danish traditions and the Danish food, our family still celebrate Christmas at Christmas eve, on the 24 of December, with a traditional Danish Christmas dinner here in Australia, as a matter of fact it is very good doing it this way, the kids don’t have to chose, do we go to your parents or mine, because here Christmas is celebrated on December 25th so that way they can celebrate Christmas with both families.

Making the website about Denmark.

Making the website was a bit of a problem, I did not know anything about Html or how to put a photo online other then in an email, but a friend of mine told me about Solo Build It.

If you are interested in making a website about your passion, whatever it may be, gardening, travel, cars, dolls or whatever you are into. Be sure to check out Solo Build It for more information.

In April 2012 I started another website about 4 Wheeling in Western Australia. Feel free to take a look at 4 wheeling in Western Australia.

Site Build It!

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