Easy to make Danish desserts, sweets,
and the famous Danish Pastry.

Here is a selection of 12+ easy to make Danish desserts,  sweets, and Danish Pastry you can have for a cup of coffee or even for a birthday party.

If you are looking for Danish cookie recipes you can find them here.

Danish Pastry.

Danish Pastry, Kringle.

Danish pastry is well known all over the world and comes in a lot of varieties and most of the time what you see around the world has nothing to do with original Danish pastry.

For an original Danish pastry recipe including a few varieties and fillings…

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Kid's Birthday cake made from Danish pastry.

Cake-man. Kids birthday cake.

A popular kids birthday cake comes in the shape of a cake man or cake woman in Denmark made of Danish pastry or what they call a "Brunsviger" in Denmark.  (Brunsviger is a sweet bun dough with a mixture of brown sugar and margarine on top.) and is a speciality on the island of Fyn in Denmark…

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Almond Sticks And Almond Allsorts.

Almond sticks.

In Danish - Kransekage.

Almond sticks and Almond Allsorts are a popular treat at Christmas, New Year’s Eve, weddings and special occasions in Denmark. Here is an easy recipe and they are ideal to have in the freezer if somebody should drop in…

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Marzipan confectionery.


Make your own Marzipan confectionery for the festive season and use them as a small gift for your co-workers or friends up to Christmas.

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Danish Dough fritters.


In Danish – Aebleskiver.

Danish Dough fritters are a popular treat during the month of December, but feel free to make them any time doing the year, the kids will love them and so will the grownups.


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Danish Apple Cake.

Danish Apple cake. Æblekage.

This is a delicious recipe you can enjoy as a dessert or just with a cup of coffee, This Danish dessert recipe is made with fresh apples. There are actually two recipes here, one for a traditional Danish apple cake and one for a baked apple cake…

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Danish Lemon Mousse.

Danish Lemon Mousse, recipe.
Citron Fromage. opskrift.

The Lemon Mousse is a lovely Danish dessert, and you will probably find it is among the top 10 of the best Danish desserts.

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Danish Orange Mousse.

Orange Mousse, Danish dessert.

Another lovely Danish dessert, similar to the Lemon Mousse but made with oranges instead of lemons.

Just the right dessert for a hot summers day.

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Danish Rice Porridge.


The Rice Porridge or Risengrød as it is called in Danish, is traditionally eaten during the month of December and is also used for the dessert Ris a’lamande.

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 Danish Rice Porridge, cooked in an Oven Bag.

The Rice Porridge in this recipe can also be used for Vegans.

This is an easy recipe where you don’t have to stir all the time and with minimal dishes to clean when you are finish cooking.

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Danish Rice Pudding.

Danish Rice Pudding, recipe.
Ris a’lamande, opskrift.

Or Ris a’lamande as it is called in Danish is traditionally eaten on Christmas eve as a dessert in most homes in Denmark. Here you will find the recipe on this Danish dessert.

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Strawberries and cream.


Who doesn’t love strawberries, always a popular Danish dessert during the Danish summer, the kids love them and they are rich in vitamin C.

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Homemade sweet rolls recipe and variants.

Homemade sweet rolls recipe and variants.

Homemade sweet rolls for birthdays parties, BBQ’s or kiddies’ lunch and some variants…

Sweet rolls taste delicious with cheese, jam, Nutella, or sliced meat, like ham or salami for that matter. Personally, we use the homemade sweet rolls at family get-togethers, and they are always a big hit.

This recipe is Vegan friendly.

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