Danish Pastry Recipe.

The Danish Pastry is popular all over the World and not that hard to do, just follow the recipe provided here on this page.

Danish Birthday Kringle

Danish Birthday Kringle.

Recipe for Danish Pastry.

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    250 ml. Water (Cold)
    50 g Fresh Yeast or 25 g Dry Yeast
    3 Eggs
    50 g Sugar
    5 g Salt
    500 g Flour (Cold) 
    5 g Bread Improver ( See under.)
    500 g Butter (For lamination)

This recipe for Danish Pastry is Danish, and the Danish flour contains ascorbic acid ( C vitamin). If using this recipe in other countries you may have to add 5g Bread Improver (Available from your local supermarket)or 1 g Ascorbic Acid

Make sure all ingredients are cold.

Start by softening up the cold butter by knocking it flat with a meat hammer or rolling pin and fold it over, keep going until the butter is at a consistency you can work with but still cold.

Add Water, Yeast, Egg, Sugar, and Salt and mix until the Yeast is dissolved.
Add Flour and Improver (If Used) and mix dough together, DO NOT OVER MIX.

Flatten out the dough to a square on a table dusted with some flour and put the Butter in the middle and wrap the Butter in the dough like an envelope.
Push the dough flat with the palm of your hand and roll out with a rolling pin, fold the dough (follow the photos 1 to 5).

The pastry needs to be rolled out 3 times and folded over 3 times, that is what we call a 3 x 3 fold.

Let the pastry rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Danish Pastry1
Danish Pastry3
Danish Pastry2
Danish Pastry4
Danish Pastry5

Small Danishes

For small Danishes like Custard buns or apple Danishes, roll pastry out to about 4-5 mm thickness and cut out 9 x 9 cm.

For Custard Buns, put Custard in the center and close the ends up at the top and turn upside down. For Apple Danish, fold the 4 corners to the center (see Photo, small Danish)

Small Danish Pastry.

Brush with a mixture of half Egg and half Water. Let the pastry rest in a warm place until it doubles in size.
When double in size push the small Danish down in the center and fill the center with Apple, jam, custard or whatever you like.

Small Danish (Spandauer)

Bake at 180°C for 15 - 20 min. depending on oven.

For other ideas take a look at the photos of Birthdays Kringle and Danish Buttertorte.

Danish Birthday Kringle.

How to do a Birthday Kringle.

Roll out 500 g of pastry to about 10 x 70 cm.
Pipe some pastry filling and Custard in the center and add some sultanas.
Fold one side over and brush with water or Egg wash and fold the other side and shape it into a kringle shape, see photo(Birthday Kringle)

Danish Butter Torte
How to do a Danish Birthday kringle

How to do Danish Pastry

Danish Butter Torte

Filling for Danish Pastry (Remonce)

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    250 g Butter
    250 g Sugar

Mix together for a couple of minutes until soft, If mixed too much it will boil in the pastry.

For an Almond filling you can add 250 g of Almond meal or Marzipan.

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