Cycling in Denmark.

A popular transport option in Denmark is cycling. You will be a lot closer to the nature and the country is ideal to explore on a bike.

The country offers more than 10,000 km of bike tracks and is pretty flat, the highest point you will find here is only 170 meters above sea level, no big mountains to claim.

Bikes in Denmark are a popular transport option.

Bike Rentals.

There are a few places where you can hire a bike, some hostels and hotels do bike rentals but ask at the local bike shop or tourist information.

Explore the Jutland peninsula or some of the many islands cycling.

The Jutland peninsula has a beautiful coastline to explore on a bike both on the east coast and the west coast, and got excellent bike paths along most roads and nearly all cycle routes in Denmark has signs on them with a route number you can follow to stay on track.

Routes Signage For Bikes.

The signage on the bike paths is blue with a white frame.

National Route have got a white number 1-12 on a red background, uneven numbers for paths going North – South and even numbers going East – West.

Regional Route have white numbers on a blue background with numbers 16 – 99 and both the national and regional routes can have a name on the signs as well.

Local Route are similar to the regional routes, but with numbers between 100 – 999 and can have a name or a logo instead of a number.

Just remember the route number you are following and if there are no arrows just go straight ahead.

Plan Your Route.

The Danish Cycling Federation has developed a site you can access from your computer, Smartphone or iPhone in 3 languishes, English, Danish and German.

The site will help you plan your route, just input where you are and your destination and it will tell you the distance and time you will need for the trip, it will even tell you if there are any hills to tackle on the way, and you can send the information to your friends by Email when you are finish planning.

Just go to on your PC, iPhone or Smartphone.

Explore The Islands.

A lot of the small islands are a lot better to explore on a bike than in a car.

The island Fuen including all the small islands mainly on the south coast of the island is a beautiful part of Denmark to explore on a bike, here you will find plenty of campsites or other accommodation like B & B, the local Inn or Hostels and Hotels.

For more information about the island see Fuen

The island of Bornholm is excellent for a family cycling holiday, the island is about 588 square kilometers with a cost line at 158 km and there is not very far between the small towns.

Bornholm has about 250 km of bike paths, for you to enjoy, some of them nearly as wide as a country road, and a beautiful nature, lovely beaches and beautiful towns.

For more information about the island and what to see go to Bornholm.

Bicycle rental is available a few places on Bornholm:

Sandvig Cykeludlejning.

Strandvejen 121 
3770 Allinge
Phone: +45 5648 0060


Storegade 21
3720 Aakirkeby
Phone: +45 5697 0047

Bornholms Cykeludlejning.

Nordre Kystvej 5
3700 Rønne
Phone: +45 5695 1359

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