Top Places To De-Stress In Denmark.
by Anne Hall.

De-Stress in Denmark.

If you watch the news, then, like us, you may be alarmed at the statistics on how hooked we are to technology and the indoors life. In countries like the USA, the average child spends as little as half an hour in unstructured outdoor play daily, and over seven hours in front of an electronic device.

Our life-giving bond with Nature has been destroyed, leading to what Nature author, Richard Louv, calls ‘nature deficit disorder’ – the latter manifests itself through a short attention span, inability to concentrate, irritability, unhappiness, and of course, obesity.

It is amazing to think that we can undo so much damage caused by an indoor based lifestyle, by focusing our holidays on the Great Outdoors.

Denmark is home to a host of green, wild areas that will enable your entire family to stock up on some Vitamin N for Nature. These include:

Top Places to De-Stress in Denmark.

De-Stress in Skagen: 

This is the northernmost part of Denmark, home to ‘The Branch’: a long strip of beach that is the meeting point of two seas whose gentle waves continually push more sand to the shore.

The waters are bit dangerous to swim in, but the site is still a beautiful place to contemplate the majesty of the sea; it is also one of the few places in the world where you can step into two seas at once.

While you are here, suggest a mindful activity to your kids – ask them to journal their thoughts and feelings while looking out at the magnificent sea; the benefits they reap will be plentiful, including those derived from Nature itself, and from engaging in the mentally stimulating activity that is keeping a diary or travel journal.

For more information about Skagen, see this page.

Grenen north of Skagen, where The North Sea And Kattegat Sea meet up.

Grenen north of Skagen, where The North Sea And Kattegat Sea meet up.

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De-Stress at Jammer Bay: 

This is one of the most hotly solicited areas as far as family holidays are concerned.

Many families rent homes in the area, and there are also a plethora of top resorts to choose from.

Jammer Bay is wonderfully close to Skagen and Aalborg, where there are gorgeous shops in which to find all sorts of beautiful mementos for friends and family back home. 

In addition to swimming in the bay, you can also have fun at the impressive amusement park, Fårup Sommerland, or go biking amidst beautiful verdant landscapes.

Rold Skov Forest: 

This is the largest forest in Denmark and legend has it that it is enchanted!

The forest is home to gnarled troll trees, pristine freshwater springs and a host of beautiful plants and animals.

Take a ranger-guided tour or mark your own path. Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket; we can think of few places quite as appealing for an al fresco feast.

De-Stress in Mols Bjerge: 

Ensconced in the south of Djursland, Mols Bjerge is a stunning national park with a protected area of 180 km2.

The park includes the lush forest areas of Skovbjerg, the ruins of Kalø Castle, and the Kalø woodlands, to name just a few attractions.

Kalø Castle was built in 1313 by King Erik VI to safeguard his kingdom against attacks from the nobility and peasantry.

There are many stunning viewpoints at Mols Bjerge, including Jernhatten (‘The Iron Hat’), located on the Kattegat coast, in the eastern section of the park.

The area is home to a 49-metre cliff that affords stunning views of the sea below.


This area is home to Denmark’s most amazing forests, lakes and moors.

The Gudenåen river joins many lakes and provides hours of entertainment for those who like to walk through forests and shores alike.

You may wish to take a small boat and row, trek through green landscapes or take a motorbike or mountain bike for an exciting downhill ride.

If you are visiting Denmark for the first time, it might be a good idea to ask a guide to take you through the most beautiful parts of the area.

Pause for a while in Silkeborg, with its gorgeous medieval houses, narrow streets and the famous Silkeborg Museum, featuring an exhibition of the Iron Age that is well kown for the Tollund Man – a human being whose body has been preserved yet dates back to prehistoric times!

There is plenty more to entice Nature lovers in Denmark – Lille Vildmose, with its impressive array of native flora, Fur Island in Limfjord (a tiny island with a varied plant and animal life), the Wadden Sea national park (home to over 30 islands) and so much more.

Although you should make time for sightseeing in Denmark, the best and most beneficial things to feast your eye on, are undoubtedly its glorious landscapes.

Top Places To De-Stress In Denmark., written by Anne Hall.

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