Surfing in Denmark.

Kite surfing has become a very popular sport over the last few years in Denmark.

With a coastline at 7314 km and a lot of inland lakes and wide beaches, especially on the west coast, Denmark is an ideal location for this kind of sport.

For your own safety make sure that there are no overhead electricity cables and to many people around on the beach.

A Surfer catching a wave.


This is another popular water sport in Denmark and the number of wind-surfers have picked up a lot over the years.

The Best Locations.

In Denmark you will find heaps of ideal locations for these two sports and they are somewhat related and you will be looking for the same kind of wind conditions and surroundings.

A well known and popular spot in Denmark is Klitmøller on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula about 17 km North West of Thisted.

The town is also known as Cold Hawaii.

Klitmøller is only a small town with a population at about 800 but during the summer the numbers are up.

The town has a couple of camp sites and you will find plenty of cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets, however a lot of them are closed during winter.

Do you want to tell us what you think about Cold Hawaii or another surf spot in Denmark then feel free to tell us about it at the bottom at this page.

Travel Business

Accommodation at Klitmøller.

Nustrup Camping Klitmøller.

A lovely campsite where the kids stay for free. Chalets available as well.
You can book your campsite online but the homepage only comes in Danish, German and Dutch but it translates well into English with Google or Bing translate.

The address is:

    Nystrup Camping Klitmøller.
    7700 THISTED 
    Phone: +45 97 97 52 49
    Or Book Online Here.

    Klitmøller Camping & motel.

    Vangvej 16
    7700 Thisted 
    Phone: +45 97 97 50 20 

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