Fishing in Denmark.

Going on a holiday to Denmark?

Are you into fishing?

Fishing in Denmark is ideal, with a coastline at just over7300 km and a lot of lakes and waterways, remember to bring your  rod and tackle box

Denmark has a very wide variety of fish species for such a small country.

Anywhere where you may be holidaying or living for that matter, in Denmark, the coast is never more than 50 km away.

There are plenty of inland streams and lakes, even put and take dams with camping facilities if that’s what you are looking for.

Fishing License.

Do you need a fishing license if you go fishing in Denmark?

If your are under the age of 18 years or over 65 years of age you will not need the obligatory fishing license.

Any person 18 to 65 years will need to carry a valid fishing license when going fishing in natural waters in and around Denmark.

The license is available from post offices, tourist bureaus and larger tackle shops at a cost of DKK 185.00 and last for 1 year. A 1 day or 1 week license for tourists is available as well, the cost is DKK 40.00 for one day or DKK 130.00 for one week.

You can also obtain an online license at: Fishing License.

Fishing Permit.

Most streams and lakes in Denmark are privately owned and you will need a fishing permit to drop you line here and that is an additional cost ranging from DKK 50.00 to DKK 150.00 a day or DKK 100.00 – 350.00 for a week.

This permit is also available at the local tourist information and they will in most cases also be able to help you with detailed information about freshwater fishing in the local area.

Girl Fishing.

Fishing restrictions and closed seasons.

Don’t forget that it is your own responsibility to check closed seasons and legal sizes for the different varieties of fish species, for more information about closed seasons and legal sizes see here.

The Cod.

When the summer comes to an end at the West Coast of the Jutland peninsula it’s time for the anglers to move in. Here in the winter time the chance to land a nice sized cod from the beach is pretty good.

During winter the waters between Sealand and Sweden is another good spot for landing a good sized cod, 10 kg or more.

The cod is very common all along the Danish coastline especially late in the year.

Fishing at sunset.

Fishing in Denmark at sunset.

The Sea Trout.

For most of the year the sea trout can be caught off the island of Bornholm, the island of Funen and along the east coast of the Jutland peninsula.
The best time of year however is in the spring- and summertime.

The Salmon.

The salmon can be caught in most of the waterways of Denmark.

The Flatfish.

Flatfish can be landed along the west and east coast of Jutland in particular.

The best time of year for the flatfish is spring and autumn.

Other common fish in the Danish waters.

Eel, Mackerel, Pike, Herring and Garfish are other species you are likely to come across in the Danish waters.

If you have a fishing story to tell, fell free to spin us a yarn here.

My favorite fish dish is pan-fried Eel!

What is your favorite fish to catch or eat? Tell us about your favorite here.

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