Top Adventurous Things 
To Do In Denmark.

Top Adventurous Things to do in Denmark

There are as many reasons to visit Denmark as there are tourists to this beautiful country – everything from the stunning waterfront district of Nyhavn, to the dreamlike Tivoli Gardens.

Denmark is famed for many things – its friendly people, its excellent gastronomic offerings (enjoy a taste of the world renowned New Nordic Cuisine) and of course, Legoland BIllund, the first of its kind in the world.

If adventure is what really ignites your spark, however, Denmark also has plenty activities to entice and inspire you. 

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The canal's in Copenhagen.

Take your pick from these top exhilarating activities. If you are travelling from abroad and are taking out travel coverage, make sure to ask if it includes adventure activities,

so you can leap into the action with no fear, and test out some of the Top Adventurous Things to do in Denmark.

Top Adventurous Things To Do In Denmark


If you’re not afraid to explore Denmark’s intricate network of abandoned mines, caving might be a perfect activity for you. 

Mønsted Limestone Quarries, Daugbjerg Limestone Mines and Thingbæk Limestone Mines are all located in Jutland and are open to the public.

These mines house beautiful underground museums and offer hundreds of kilometres of land to explore. Check out the open caverns on the island of Bornholm, some of which can only be reached by boat.

Mountain biking: 

The forests in Denmark are verdant and lush, but far from being merely relaxing, they also offer vertiginous rides for mountain bikers.

Try visiting Bidstrup Forest in North Zealand, Rold Skov in Jutland, or the Aabenraa Forest in South Jutland.

If you don’t have your bike, fret not; there are tour companies offering guided tours and mountain bike rentals. Either use a map for a self-guided tour or enjoy the company of seasoned professionals.


It’s a top choice of team building activities but also the first choice for active kids’ birthday parties. It’s called paintball and it involves reaching targets without getting shot by your opponent (bullets aren’t used, of course,

if not paint pellets, making for a super fun day filled with running, shooting and dodging activities).

Paintball Arena in Copenhagen will help you enjoy a day to be remembered in the company of friends and family.

Rib boat boating: 

This type of boating takes place in a super fast vehicle that achieves speeds of over 65mph.

Ask to sail between Denmark and Sweden, or visit the old canals in Copenhagen!


Learn how to deep sea dive at the Diving Center in Copenhagen or hone your skill in everything from night diving to riding an underwater scooter!

Hot air ballooning: 

Few activities are quite as exhilarating as taking in the beauty of Copenhagen and surrounding green areas, from the lofty heights of a hot air balloon!

Enjoy the sensation of weightlessness as you allow body and mind to rise to hitherto unknown heights.


Copenhagen is home to one of the safest and most renowned clubs in Europe: the Aversi club.

The trained staff will carry out a tandem jump with you, so you can feel the adrenalin rush that only freefalling can guarantee.

Denmark has so much more to offer the true adventure lover – everything from water skiing to jet skiing, kayaking and ziplining in dreamlike forest areas.

The question is – are you ready for the adrenalin rush of a lifetime?

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Top Adventurous Things to do in Denmark, written by Anne Hall.


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