Golf in Denmark.

Are you up for a game of golf, how about a game of golf in Denmark?

Denmark has over 170 golf courses, you will find that all the Golf courses in the country are of a good standard with some of the cheapest green fees in Europe.

Most of the courses have good practice facilities like putting greens, bunkers and a driving range where you can warm up before you go on the fairway.


Expect to pay about DKK 220.- ($35) for a game on weekdays and about DKK 300.- ($50) for a game on weekends.

On some courses the green fee is for a whole day so if you wish you can play on when you have reached the eighteenth hole and go on to 27 or even 36 holes if you have the energy.


A group discount or a discount for playing several days is available at a lot of courses as well.

Many of the golf courses are equipped with a club house, restaurant and a pro shop in case you need to upgrade your equipment.

At most places you can hire top quality clubs for about DKK 100.- ($17)

Package Deals.

Package deals with accommodation are available over most of the country, inquire at the local club or at your preferred accommodation if they have a deal with a golf course.

The Conditions.

To play golf you will need to have a membership at the Dansk Golf Union.
If you already are a member of a club in your home country, this should be pretty straight forward.

How to contact the Dansk Golf Union.

    Brøndby Stadion 20
    2605 Brøndby
    Phone: +45 4326 2700

Mini Golf.

Minigolf in Denmark.

Minigolf in Denmark.

Over the last 10 years a lot of the campsites in Denmark have added a Minigolf course to their camping ground so families can get a game during the day or after their dinner. Here everyone can join in.

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