Bakken DK

by Ade Larsen

You only go to Tivoli in Copenhagen once.

The place to go for good Danish food, cold beer and real Danish culture is Bakken. It is a fun park on the grounds of the royal family hunting estate on the edge of CPH.

Here you can buy the best Danish soft ice, eat the best Danish pork ribs and drink Carlsberg from 80cl cups at the world famous Hvit Hest Restaurant.

At Hvit Hest Restaurant you can get all you can eat Danish pork ribs with potato and white sauce. The 80cl Carlsberg is cheap too.

Bakken fun park is great because there is only Danes and a few lost Swedes there. You won't find hordes of American and Asian tourists there - so it's peaceful and relaxing. And the pick-pockets all stay at Tivoli so it's safe for the whole family.

Bakken is a place you will return to time after time. In fact, I go every sommer at least once.

Another great feature of this family oriented fun park is that it is open from April to October.

Visit Bakken fun park for that real Danish experience.

And make sure to fly with SAS. It's Scandinavian.

Ade Larsen

ps, Don't forget to visit the Carlsberg Brewery.

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