Visit Denmark Legoland!

by Irina

In case you have kids you know how nice they play with Lego bricks, building houses, monsters, cities etc. Well, if you plan to visit Denmark, Legoland is one destination you should not miss if you choose to visit the country with your kids.

The original Legoland first opened in 1968 and is situated 150 miles away from Copenhagen. You can fly there and Billund Airport is right near the park or simply rent a car and drive to the park. As I am working for a rent a car company in Romania Thrifty Romania, I know that families use to rent more spacious cars when they go on vacations with the kids.

Everything in Legoland is made out of small lego bricks and it is a marvelous to just look and admire people's creativity. if you go there you will see entire countries built out of bricks. You can spend hours in the park as there are several small restaurants ans cafes where you can drink and eat.

The park offers different themes t the visitors and there special created family themes as well as more adventurous ones.

It is summer time and the park is currently open. In fact it can be visited starting March until late October.

For me it is definitely a unique way of spending few hours in Denmark!

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