Danish Beef Patties,
(Danish name: Bøf or Hakke Bøf.)

The Danish Beef Patties (Bøf) are on the top 10 list of common Danish main meals.
The patties are made from beef mince and the normal size are 200 g to 250 g usually served with potatoes, onions, vegetables, beetroot and brown gravy.

Danish Beef Patties served on a plate.


    Serves 4.

    1 kg Beef mince
    1 Large Onion
    Salt, Pepper and Butter or Margarine for frying.


Peel the Onion and slice the Onion into rings.

Divide the Beef mince in 4-5 pieces for the Danish Beef Patties.

Make them round and flatten them to about 3cm or 1 and a quarter inch.

Mark them with a knife as seen on the photo.

Season the Beef Patties with a bit of salt and pepper.

Meat for Danish patties.

Photo #1. Shape the mince into a ball.

Flatten mince for Danish patties and mark with a knife

Photo #2. Flatten the ball of meat and mark with a knife.

Heat up the frying pan and fry the Onions until they are golden brown, take them of the frying pan and put aside.

Pan fried Onions.

Fry the patties for 5-7 min on each side depending if you want them medium or well done.

When the patties are fried, put them on a serving dish, decorate with the golden Onions on top.

Danish Beef Patties served on a plate.

Serve with potatoes, vegetables, beetroot and brown gravy. For brown gravy, see the recipe here.


Patties served with mashed potatoes, also called “Planke Bøf” in Denmark.

The patties are done the same way and served with potato mash, onions, green peas, beetroot and brown gravy.

Bøf med spejlæg. Patties with fried Eggs.

Patties served with a fried egg on top is another variation.

This can be served with potatoes, vegetables and brown gravy, or it can be served on a piece of dark rye bread as an open sandwich, this way it can be eaten cold as well.



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