Danish Omelette.

The Danish Omelette is a delicious meal on a summer’s day, served on a slice of rye bread, toast or with a salad.

The Omelette is easy and fast to do, and if you got your own chucks in the backyard even better, imagine that! a Omelette made from freshly laid eggs from your own backyard.

Omelette Cooking.

Omelette Cooking.

Danish Omelette Recipe.

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    Serves 4

    6 Eggs
    200 ml Milk
    20 g Flour
    8-10 Rashes of Bacon
    1 Tomato 


Fry the Bacon in the pan till it's crispy, remove the Bacon.

Mix Flour and Milk (the easiest way is in a little shaker).
Whisk together the Eggs, Milk and Flour mix, salt and Pepper.

Preheat a frying pan, add a little Butter and pour in the Egg mix.

Cook on low to middle heat, make a few holes in the Omelette with a pallet knife and lift it up a bit so the uncooked egg on top get to the bottom, during the first half of the cooking.

When about half to three quarter cooked, add the sliced tomatoes and the fried Bacon on top of the omelette and sprinkle plenty of fine cut chives on top.

Serve stright from the pan.

The Omelette is ideal on a slice on rye bread or served with a side salad.

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