Danish Prawn Cocktail.

Prawn Cocktail for Entrée.

My oldest daughter and her husband were out for dinner at a fancy restaurant the other night, where my daughter’s husband ordered a Prawn-Cocktail for entrée.

He complained to my daughter, that he was very disappointed with his meal and my daughter started to brag about her father’s Prawn-Cocktails,

the next thing I know, my wife has called the whole family and a couple of friends together for a dinner party the following Saturday and I am told to make the entrée.

You guessed it Prawn-Cocktails. So I will share the recipe with you.

I prefer to use the small Prawns for the cocktail, and usually get them cooked and frozen, that is the easiest way.

Ingredients for Prawn Cocktails.

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    Serves 8 – 10

    600 gr Prawns (cooked and peeled)
    300 ml Cream
    1 portion of homemade Mayonnaise, (see recipe.)
    425 gr Asparagus (1 can)
    1 Grapefruit
    Salt, white pepper, paprika
    2 Lemons (1 for Lemon juice and 1 Lemon for decoration) 
    1 Lettuce


Peel the Grapefruit and cut into small pieces about 1 x 1 cm.

Cut Asparagus into pieces about 1 to 2 cm

Whip the cream, mix the mayonnaise and cream together and add Lemon juice, Salt, Pepper and Paprika to taste.

Add the Prawns, asparagus and Grapefruit and mix it all carefully together. (Save a few prawns for decoration)

Glass bowels for Prawn Cocktails.

Use a Prawn Cocktail glass or Red Wine glass for serving.

Rinse and dry the lettuce and place a leaf in each lettuce glass.

Divide the prawn mixture into the glasses.

Decorate with ½ a slice of lemon and a couple of prawns.

Danish Prawn Cocktail.
Danish Prawn Cocktail, recipe.
Danish Prawn Cocktail, recipe.
Danish Prawn Cocktail, recipe.
Danish Prawn Cocktail, recipe.

Another idea for an entrée using prawns.

Toast with prawns is commonly used at a midnight snack on New Year’s Eve in Denmark, it’s easy to make and tastes delicious.

Toast with Prawns. A Danish midnight snack.

Toast with Prawns. A Danish midnight snack.


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Toast a slice of white bread or use a crusty Vienna or French stick.

Butter the bread and place a leaf of lettuce on top of the butter.

Cover the toast with plenty of prawns.

Decorate with mayonnaise and a slice or wedges of lemon, add salt, paprika and pepper to taste.

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