Specier is a classic Danish cookie, it’s easy to make and can be made in a variety of flavours, like vanilla, chocolate, nuts, liquorice, and many other flavours.

Here is the basic recipe for Specier, but feel free to ad any flavour you would like, see below the recipe for ideas.

Specier, Danish butter cookies.

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Yields: about 120 cookies.  

500 g Flour (Biscuit or cake flour)

150 g Icing Sugar

400 g Butter


Specier, Danish butter cookies.
Specier, Danish butter cookies.


Mix all ingredients together, do not over mix.

Roll out in a sausage shape to about  4 cm in diameter.

Wet the dough slightly and roll in coffee sugar for a plain vanilla cookie.

Refrigerate until hard 1 – 2 hours.

Cut out in pieces about 4 - 5 mm thick and tray up on baking tray with baking paper or a baking silicone mat, keep in mind that the cookies will run out a little during baking.

Preheat oven to 180 - 200⁰C

Baking Time about 9 - 12 min, until light golden.

After baking put the cookies on a wire and let the specier cool completely down before storing them in a airtight container or biscuit tin.

This cookie is one of the easiest Danish Butter cookies to make and the recipe is very easy with only a few ingredients, and you are all set for Christmas.

Specier, Danish butter cookies.
Specier, Danish butter cookies.
Specier, Danish butter cookies.
Specier, Danish Butter Cookie.
Specier, Danish Butter Cookie.
Specier, Danish Butter Cookie.

Specier Variations:

Specier with liquorice.

Add 1 tsf of liquorice powder to the recipe.

Specier with choc chips.

Add some chocolate drops or cut up chocolate from a block of chocolate, dark or milk, before rolling out.

Specier with pecan nuts.

Add some crushed Pecan nuts before rolling out.

Specier snails.

Divide the dough in two pieces and add cocoa to one piece.

Roll both pieces of dough out flat in a square, wet one piece slightly with water and place the other piece on top, again wet slightly with water and roll up tight like a Swiss roll. Roll out in a sausage shape about 5 cm thick and refrigerate for about an hour, cut out  4 - 5 mm thick, put on oven trays with baking paper and bake at 190 - 200C for 9 - 12 min.

For other Danish Butter Cookie recipes see here.

Cookies in a bag.

Gift ideas:

Place some Specier in an airtight jar or a cellophane bag and decorate with curling ribbon and a couple of Christmas stickers and give to your friends, co-workers, teachers, or your neighbour, they will love to get a little homemade gift for Christmas.

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