Aaro. The Pearl In The Small Belt.

The island Aaro (spelt "Årø" in Danish) is located in The Small Belt(Lillebælt), approximately 1.5 km. from the mainland (Jutland) just outside the inlet to Haderslev.

You can catch the ferry "AARØ" from Aarosund and the trip on the ferry only takes 7-8 min, the ferry departs once an hour from 6am - 10pm every day.

It is a small ferry but it does take cars, and if you have a caravan or a trailer it is included in the price charged for your car.

Aaro Ferry

The Ferry To The Island.

The Island.

The size of the island is about 5.66 km2 and the coastal length is 21.9 km.

There are living about 200 people on the island today.
You will find a little town on the island and there are still a few farms farming on the island today.

Aarø Denmark

Photo By Inge Søs Seratski.

The church on the island is called the Christmas Church because the first time it was used was on December the 30. In 1906


Aarø Christmas Church. Denmark.

Aarø Christmas Church. 

Photo By Inge Søs Seratski.

The Christmas Church at Aarø island, Denmark.

Photos from inside The Christmas Church.

Photo By Inge Søs Seratski.

Aaro fire station.

The Fire Station on the island.

Photo By Inge Søs Seratski.

The Marina.

There is a lovely little marina with room for 80 yachts on the island, so if you are sailing around in the area, do call in on the island.

The marina has good facilities with toilet, showers and more and there are good facilities for the kids as well.

Here you will also find Aarø’s Perle (Aaro Pearl) and is also known as the Harbor Kiosk, it is located at the islands harbor this is a lunch bar / deli where they serve burgers, fries, hot dogs and more.

They also have a Bed & Breakfast here as well.

Golfcarts for rent on Aaro, Denmark.

Photo By Inge Søs Seratski.

At Aarø’s Perle you can also hire golf carts so you easy can get around on the island, the golf carts are 200 DKR ($ 35) per hour (2013)  


On the island you have a couple of choices regarding accommodation there are a few rooms to let as well as holiday houses and there are also a Bed & Breakfast on the island, not to mention the lovely campsite, Aarø Camping.

The campsite has 120 sites, 5 cabins and a couple of caravans they rent out as well.
At Aarø Camping. you can also rent bikes and runabouts if you want to get around on the island or want to go fishing.

The shop on the campsite can supply your daily needs and fresh baked bread every morning and their lounge has family games and internet facilities. Yes they even got Mini Golf here as well.

If you stay longer than 7 days on the campsite they will even refund your ferry ticket, how good is that?

The contact number for the caravan park are:
phone: +45 74584482, Fax: +45 74584418

The island is an ideal spot for a relaxing holiday or family holiday, take a  bike ride on the island, go wind surfing, fishing or just relax with your favorite book.

Aaro Bed & Breakfast.

Brummers Gaard.

Brummers gaard, Aarø

Photo By Inge Søs Seratski.

At Brummers Gaard you can rent a 55 m2 holiday unit if you fancy staying on the island for a couple of days or maybe a week.

Golf carts and bikes are also available for hire at Brummers Gaard and there is a cafe where lunch, dinner and coffee are served, they are open from 11 am daily.

 In the cafe you can also buy honey, jam, beer and more, plus locally made specialities to take home.

Brummers Gaard was built in 1866 and is located only 200 meters from the ferry.

Aarøgaard B & B.

Aarøgaard Bed and Breakfast.

Photo By Inge Søs Seratski.

Aarøgaard Bed and Breakfast, Denmark.

Aarøgaard Bed and Breakfast.

Photo By Inge Søs Seratski.

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