Frederikshavn, the gateway to Norway, Sweden and the little island Læsø 19 km of the Jutland peninsula’s East coast.

The town has a population of just under 24,000 and was formally known as Flatstrand which was renamed in 1818 to Frederikshavn (Frederik’s harbour) after King Frederik VI, it is home to a fishing fleet and well known for its fishing industries.

The town is also home to the Danish Naval Base, the training ship Denmark, the national icebreakers and the royal yacht Dannebrog.

Located right at the top of the east coast of the Jutland Peninsula, with some of the most beautiful beaches and countryside close by.

The area from here to Skagen is a popular area among artists due to the unique light in this part of the country.

The Palm Beach.

The Palm Beach, Frederikshavn, Denmark

The Palm Beach.

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No need to travel to Bali or Down Under to experience a palm beach.

Right here, they have a 400 meter long palm beach with about 100 palms, the beach is child friendly, sand dunes provides shelter for the wind, the water is clear and it is just the right place for sunbathing,

you can even rent a sun lounger at the beach for only 20.-DKR ($4.-) for a whole day, that’s not much more than you would pay for a cup of coffee.

You may ask yourself, how can they have a palm beach in Denmark, where they sometimes experience winter temperatures down to 20 C. Below zero.

During the winter the palms are stored in an 800 square meters big greenhouse with a ceiling height of 8 meters and a constant temperature at 0-5 degrees, this is where the palm trees are looked after in the winter season with water and fertilizer.

If you fancy a day at the Palm Beach you can find it at.

Nordre Strandvej 22
9900 Frederikshavn.

For more information visit The Palm Beach.

For tourist information when in town visit the local tourist information office at:

Skandiatorv 1
Phone: 98423266

The palm Beach, Frederikshavn, Denmark.
The palm Beach, Frederikshavn, Denmark.
The palm Beach, Frederikshavn, Denmark.
The palm Beach, Frederikshavn, Denmark.
The palm Beach, Frederikshavn, Denmark.
The palm Beach, Frederikshavn, Denmark.

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Ferry Connections.

The town has ferry connection to Oslo in Norway, Gøteborg in Sweden and the little island Læsø just 19 km of the coast.

The ferry to Oslo takes about 8 Hours and 50 minutes during the day and 12 Hours during the night.

The ferry to Gøteborg in Sweden takes about 2 hours and has 6 departures daily.

For more information about departure times, pricing and bookings see here.

The Island Læsø.

The little island Læsø has a population at 1980 people. Læsø is about 21 km long and 12 km wide and the terrain is very flat.

This is the only place in the world where the roofs on the buildings are made from seaweed, salvaged on the beach. 
Around 1900 most of the houses on the island had roofs made from seaweed and today there are about 19 houses left with seaweed roofs on the island.

The seaweed was used because it was the easiest and cheapest option at the time , this was not a bad choice at all because compared to straw the seaweed can’t burn and the insulation is good and it will keep for a couple of hundred years.

Apart from the seaweed houses Læsø is known for its Salt works (Læsø Saltsyderi) where the salt is made the old fashioned way.

Getting to the island.

The ferry to Læsø has 5-8 departures daily, depending on the weekday and the ride takes 90 minutes. 

For more information about departures, arrival and pricing see here

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