Givskud Zoo / Lionpark.

Only 25km from Legoland you will find Givskud Zoo or Lion Park as it was formerly known.

At the zoo there is always something new and exciting to see. Something dangerous, something fun or something really unusual.

Take a good look and it will certainly give you something to talk about.

It is like travelling the world in just one day, with the wild animals of Africa, Asia and North America.
Among trappers in the rainforest and on the plain.

One of the best things at the Zoo is that you can get right up close to the animals on foot, in your car or on the safari bus, and completely safe too.

After your safari you can enjoy a picnic or a barbecue on site, and there are playgrounds for the kids.

If you want to stay the night, you can do that at the Danhostel just next to the zoo, maybe you will even wake up to the sound of roaring tigers and howling wolves.

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