Billund Airport,
Denmark's second largest airport.

The history of the airport!

    Billund Airport opened for the first time in 1964 and the only buildings at that time were the control tower and a hangar for LEGO's business plane a Piper Apache.

    It started up with two domestic departures a day to Copenhagen with SAS Convair Metropolitan.

    The airport was originally built on LEGO’s private airstrip that was handed over to Billund-Airport.

    The first terminal was opened in the spring of 1966 and the numbers of passengers and departures grew faster than anyone had anticipated.

    Within seven years the runway had to be extended to 3100 m due to larger aircrafts operating. One of the reasons for the growth in air traffic from this regional airport was of course due to the holiday charter traffic that really took off during the late 60’s and early 70’s.

    By 1984 Maersk Air had taken over the domestic air travel from SAS in Denmark, and at the end of the year started a daily flight to the south-eastern part of London.

    Five years later there was a further expansion with flights to Gatwik in London, and after this it really turned into an international airport.

The airport today!

    Today the airport is the second largest airport in Denmark, they have 3 daily flights to London, and cover most European countries.

    More than 90% of the people flying from Billund today are travelling abroad. In 2009 almost 3,000,000 passengers went through the airport.

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