Kelstrup Beach.

Kelstrup and Djernaes are idyllic beaches only 10 km southeast of Haderslev.

The beaches here are pretty safe for kids, mind the pepples though, good idea to wear shoes.
The scenery is beautiful and so green, plenty of shady calm spots to rest with a good book and a beer.

Or drop a line in the water and catch a fish or two, for your dinner.

There are plenty of caravan parks or holiday houses for rental in the area all along the coast.

Take a stroll on the beach in the summer evening. With the Danish daylight saving, there is still daylight at 9pm and the water is calm.
The locals are friendly and always have time for a little chat.

There are 3-4 private bathing jetties with public access and a local grocer nearby for your shopping needs.

Kelstrup Beach, Denmark.

The Beach.

Holiday house at Kelstrup Beach.

A typical holiday house at the beach.

Kelstrup beach is a popular holiday destination especially among German and Dutch nationals, the beach is located only 50 km north of the German border making it an easy holiday destination for people coming from the south.

The beach is also a popular holiday spot for the local people of Haderslev and a lot of the local people own a holiday cottage here where they live during the summer months, or rent out to tourists.

You can catch the public transport from Haderslev, there is a bus service a few times daily, or jump on your push bike, the ride will only take you about 25 min from Haderslev and it’s a nice and scenic ride on a summers day.

Links to towns on the peninsula!

Haderslev Take a look at the old town and take a tour on the inlet with the ferry Helene.


 RibeSee some of the oldest houses in Denmark and visit the Viking Center.

Samsø. A paradise island.

Givskud Zoo and Lion Park Go on a safari at Givskud Zoo...

Aarhus Denmarks second largest town

Sonderborg on the island of Als.

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